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These high density foam beams are custom crafted and lightweight and have the look of real rough cut wood. We manufacture, install and custom paint our beams to match any area of your homes interior or exterior. Besides beams we offer planks, shutters, scuppers and window trims.​

A ceiling medallion brings instant drama to a room. Ceiling medallions were once quite common in homes, and they have come back into favor. Typically, ceiling medallions are used to support ceiling fans and light fixtures, but most homeowners select them for their decorative value.

Add alluring dimension to any decor with Architectural mouldings. Visually these decorative horizontal elements add harmony to any room's decor. Applying architectural mouldings alleviates the vast scale and empty feeling of expansive rooms or high ceilings. Mix and match our length mouldings; window surrounds, chair rails or friezes. The large variety of sizes and styles of mouldings allows you to create a whole new look.​

Decorative Rosettes,Corbels,

Corner Mouldings

Rosettes offer a simple and easy to install decorative solution for any architectural project.

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