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Thank you for your interest in our custom interior art decoration and mural services. Our company Luxury Murals LLC. provides the highest level of decorative interior art work to exclusive clientele who appreciate OLD World artistry and supreme craftsmanship.

Faux Finish Gallery

Color is one of the fastest and easiest ways to change the mood of any room. Faux Glazing techniques take it a step further– enabling you to decorative illusions. Enhance the feel of any room by changing the way you apply the glaze color to your walls for an endless array of possibilities. Some clients imagine an intimate, old-world atmosphere and others prefer contemporary elegance. During our consultation on faux painting, we consider not only the physical elements, such as lighting, flooring and scale, but the homeowners’ vision as well, which is why our work is thoughtfully customized in order to compliment, or transform, the environment. All of our faux finishes consist of 2 to 3 layers applied in various ways so as to achieve subtly differing textures, with each one lending a different “feel.” The consultation, an on-location sample, custom mixing of colors, and sheen choices assure our client of the perfect faux painting, adding depth and warmth to the space.

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