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Thank you for your interest in our custom interior art decoration and mural services. Our company Luxury Murals LLC. provides the highest level of decorative interior art work to exclusive clientele who appreciate OLD World artistry and supreme craftsmanship.

Murals and Frescoes Gallery

As a fine and decorative artist, Fresco and murals are my favorite kind of commission. They require research into the style of the mural and subject matter, thus giving me an excuse to delve into lots of art books. I rely heavily on my knowledge of art history for the direction of design. Painting murals demands all of the artist's skills, such as representational and perspective drawing, sensitive color manipulation, and mastery of painting. Each commission must take into consideration the ultimate goal of the project. Murals in private homes and businesses are part of this traditional form of art. Residential murals should reflect the personalities of the homeowners and should also be in keeping with the decor of the room. Commercial murals should increase the appeal of the establishment as well as define the theme of the business. Murals are very appropriate for ceilings and walls in every dining room, living rooms, powder rooms, halls and foyers. Most of time the home owners prefer formal garden murals painted in a room with a trompe l'oeil stone block finish, sky-space murals and panoramic landscape murals. Murals are wonderful in the way that they transform a space into another world. Whether murals are created simply for decorative purposes or to elevate and enlighten the viewer, they are an art form with great potential.​

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